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Teknosophy Approved Partners

Looking for technology services but don't know where to turn? Teknosophy Approved Partners align with our ideals, namely being more respectful of the consumer than their competitors.

Be sure to tell them Teknosophy sent you!


James StarowitzJames Starowitz

Starnova, LLC - Small Business Web Hosting



James Starowitz, President of Starnova, has immersed himself in computer and Internet technology for over 20 years. He has developed business automation systems in nearly every programming language and operating system one can think of. James operates a web site and email hosting company that focuses on saving small business from the excessive overselling that occurs in the hosting market place. Teknosophy recommends his company, Starnova, LLC to its small business clients looking for web hosting and proper email services with stellar customer support.



POD Computers


POD computers offers brand new locally-built custom PCs, as well as used laptops. If you're a beginner user, forget about specs. Just call and ask for the Teknosophy Special, and you'll get the desktop PC you need.


CoveyCS - Custom Business Databases


Does your small business database use 1990s technology? CoveyCS focuses on modernizing business databases using cutting-edge technology.


Their Iterrex platform provides easy-to-create forms, reports and dashboards for tracking and improving productivity and profitability. Iterrex decreases or eliminates the adverse effects of paperwork, complex spreadsheets, complex documents, inefficient software, and other workflow issues. CoveyCS blends the benefits of packaged software with the benefits of a custom developed solution by performing requirements and process consulting up front and utilizing a shared platform to reduce development cost and time significantly.



American Print Manage-IT - Laser printer/copier sales & service


Do you have a copier or laser printer that needs repair? Are you paying a fortune for toners every month? Look no further than American Print Manage-IT for all your office printing/copying needs.



System76 -High-End Laptops

(720) 226-9269

Do you need a high-end laptop that's based on Open Source principles? System76 has what you need. If you order one, tell them we sent you and give us a call to set it up for you.