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Become a Computer Exorcist

Notice how all this new stuff comes out, but none of it seems to work right?

The whole world is overwhelmed by technology, and we can teach you how to help people in your town.

Our typical residential client is an intelligent, successful, retiree who feels intimidated and antagonized by computers and technology in general. They're being scammed left and right, by people who call and claim to protect them. They need things to “JUST WORK" and they're left with few choices:

  • Lug their PC to a local PC repair shop, leave it off for an indefinite period of time, while they perform outdated virus scans and talk down to you
  • Hire their aunt's uncle's cousin's goldfish's nephew to come over, who ends up installing PC cleaners, which make it worse
  • Sell their soul to a Big Box Store or Office Supply Store, where the untrained staff wipe out all their documents and photos

The current state of the industry

Many "computer whiz kids" have outdated training. Traditional viruses have not happened in 10 years. In their stead are:

  • The Four New Threats: Legalized malware/Fake Cleaners, Update Attacks, emotional Support Scams, and cryptolocker/hostageware.
  • Most people have ineffective backup or no backup at all.
  • Whole drive encryption and other paranoid tech, Cloud Sucking scandals that take your data without your knowledge, and cloud-controlled gizmos are some more new threats.
  • People end up throwing away their perfectly good computer and buying a new one every year or two.

Why We're Revolutionary

There's really no need for the suffering if you know what you're doing. To combat the myths, rumors, legends, and misinformation, we've created The Computer Exorcist Certification, the first and only residential IT certification in the world.

  • We make a consumer's digital life simple, stable, consistent, maintenance-free, and virtually bulletproof.
  • We accomplish this by using post-Microsoft, cutting-edge FOSS technology, instead of outdated virus scans.
  • We understand the underlying concepts, so we're not taken aback by new product variants.
  • We perform Proper Human-Verifiable Backups and turn off most nagging messages and updates.
  • We protect people from a predatory industry and often save someone thousands each year.
  • We independently research and recommend brands that are reliable, ethical, and respectful of the consumer.
  • We recommend products that aren't controlled by the factory after you buy them.
  • We explain everything in Plain English instead of talking down to people, and they appreciate it.
  • We're the only shop in town that knows why people have unreliable WiFi and how to solve it.
  • We make computers last many years longer than expected. (This is especially important during the age of chip shortages!)
  • Marc has over 10 years and 1,800 loyal clients to show for it.

What does this mean for you?

  • We are decades beyond the leading IT certification.
  • Our goal is to make you an unstoppable technician.
  • We think you'll find the training more useful, more comprehensive, and more candid than any other IT certification.
  • We teach you about all the major Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Why the Teknosophy Computer Exorcist Certification is a win-win-win

Rather than an employer-employee relationship, or a franchise relationship, it's a simple training seminar. We employed BBNY's "Small Tower" Organizational Plan to make it a reality. We teach you the concepts and how to protect people, and then you're off to run your own business. You decide scheduling, hours, pricing, location, and so on.

  • It means we can be a group of small agile companies, not subject to the massive regulations, inertia, liability, and centrality of one large one.
  • You're a good, smart, responsible adult. You don't need your morale and motivation sapped out of you by a corporate job. You're much more likely to be motivated by an open-canvas environment, not being micromanaged, where you keep most of the money.
  • It's also ideal for those whose personal lives are demanding, a way for you to make good money without being sucked into a vitamin scheme.
  • It's all about your own local brand recognition. You run your own show and have real rapport with your own clients. A client's relationship with their Computer Exorcist is often deeper than the one with their doctor.
  • In this increasingly impersonal world of phonetrees, muffled phone support, and App-controlled everything, it turns out people are willing to pay extra for real human personalized service.

To Get Started

Are you a free thinker? Are you a fast learner? Are you passionate about protecting seniors from scams and overkill charges? Are you looking to change careers into something that's up-and-coming, profitable, and most importantly fulfilling?

  • No prior IT experience required. (No followers of the 1991 method needed!) We just ask that you are comfortable with using computers and proficient in file management concepts.
  • Your first step is to purchase a copy of The Book, available on our site or anywhere books are sold.
  • Listen to a few episodes of The Computer Exorcist or CE Bonus Show, on our site.
  • If you love what you read/hear, contact us to schedule a no-obligation video chat: support at teknosophy dot com  or 585 789 1856.
  • After that, you can sign up for our Computer Exorcist Certification online training!
    • Training is split into a few affordable modules so you can learn at your own pace.
    • The first module includes some free preview items, including intro and terms and conditions.
    • Click HERE to check it out!