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Become a Computer Exorcist


The whole world is overwhelmed by technology, and we can teach you how to help people in your town.

Our typical residential client is an intelligent, successful, retiree who feels intimidated and antagonized by computers and technology in general. They need things to “JUST WORK" and they're struggling to find someone competent to help them out.


They're left with few choices

  • Lug their PC to a local PC repair shop, leave it off for an indefinite period of time, while they perform oudated virus scans and talk down to you
  • Hire their aunt's uncle's cousin's goldfish's nephew to come over, who ends up installing PC cleaners, which make it worse
  • Sell their soul to a Big Box Store or Office Supply Store, where the untrained staff wipe out all their documents and photos

The current state of the industry

Many "computer whiz kids" aren't aware of the big picture:

  • Traditional viruses have not happened in 10 years.
  • A lot of the problems in the industry are created by the companies themselves, not bad guys in basements. Things like forced Update Attacks, whole drive encryption, and Cloud Sucking scandals make it incredibly difficult to rescue people's data nowadays.
  • Support Scams are rampant, and virus scanners are helpless against them. People are so trained to fear in this industry, that they'll pay anyone claiming to help them.
  • 99% of people have either ineffective backup or no backup at all.

Why We're Revolutionary

To combat the myths, rumors, legends, and misinformation, we've created The Teknosophy Method. Let's talk about why we're different, and why we have created the Teknosophy Licensed Computer Exorcist program.

  • We make a consumer's digital life simple, stable, and consistent.
  • Our goal is to fix issues once and for all, making client machines virtually maintenance-free. People notice they're not being milked anymore, and they recommend us to their friends!
  • We turn off most nagging messages and updates.
  • We explain everything in Plain English instead of talking down to people, and they appreciate that.
  • We understand the underlying concepts, so we're not taken aback by new product variants.
  • We use methods that are decades beyond your average computer geek. We have outlined and specialize in combatting The 4 New Threats, which most technicians aren't aware of.
  • We protect people from a predatory industry. We save people massive amounts of money on wasteful tech every year. We research and recommend brands that are reliable, ethical, and respectful of the consumer. We can do so objectively, since we are beholden to no one.
  • In an industry obsessed with centralized control, we put control back in the clients' hands. We believe your device belongs to you, not the other way around.
  • We have the power to implement modern, post-Microsoft software, which makes your machine virtually bulletproof.
  • Our holistic approach means we do much more than fix PCs.
  • We are one of the few firms that can perform a Proper Human-Verifiable Backup, which most firms cannot do.
  • We're the only shop in town that knows why people have unreliable WiFi and how to solve it.
  • Rather than write a program that "cleans" people's PCs, we know 99% of it is interpersonal support.

Why our Teknosophy Licensee Program is a win-win-win

The Teknosophy Computer Exorcist License is the first and only residential IT certification in the world!

We employed BBNY's "Small Tower" Organizational Plan to make it a reality. It means you're fully independent, and can make your own decisions based on what's right for you. Scheduling, hours, pricing, location, customer rapport, product/service offering, even invoicing, is all up to you.

  • Instead of hiring thousands of employees working for corporate monolith, we decide to create a flat organization of licensed affiliates.
  • It means we can be a group of small agile companies, not subject to the massive regulations, inertia, liability, and centrality of one large one.
  • Chances are you'd rather make good money without selling out to a large corporation or being sucked into a vitamin scheme.
  • If you're a good smart responsible person whose talents are being underutilized in the corporate world, then running your own show may be a great idea. It's also ideal for those whose personal lives are demanding in any way, and for those who simply perform better in an open-canvas environment.
  • You're an adult. You don't need your morale and motivation sapped out of you. Instead, it's all about motivation: You're much more likely to be motivated, responsible, and enthused if you know you're not being micromanaged, and get to keep most of the money.
  • A client's relationship with their Teknosophy technician is deeper than the one with their doctor. Since it's all about the local relationship and local brand recognition, it allows you as the local licensee to develop your own brand identity.

To Get Started

Rather than an employer-employee relationship, or a franchise relationship, it's a simple license relationship. So if you love helping people (no prior tech experience required!), contact us for an initial interview to determine if this is right for you. If so, we teach you everything you need to know, you become an independent affiliate, you pay us percentage, and you can start serving the public!

For more information, contact Teknosophy HQ to find out our requirements. Appointment by referral only.