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everybody hates technologyeverybody hates technology

Notice how people are antagonized by technology?

Seniors are being scammed left and right.

Consumers suffer at the hands of condescending Big Box Store jokers who have 12 minutes of training.

They lug their machines to a shop and wait weeks for an answer.

They end up throwing away perfectly good computers and wasting billions on fake security subscriptions.


Dudes are out there doing virus scans like it's 1992...

while the Four New Threats run rampant.

Legalized Spyware, Update Attacks, Cryptolocker/Hostageware, and
Support Scams.

Yet, the prevailing IT cert teaches trivia questions about floppy disks.

It's time to update the industry.


What are you doing with your life?

Maybe you...

Work in a chicken coop, answering tech support calls.

Are looking for a way to make extra money on your own schedule.

Daydream about breaking free from the cubicle.

Need a more fulfilling job, but don't know where to go.


Turns out everyone wants real human service.

People are sick of phone-trees and impersonal tech support folks reading scripts to them over the phone. They want a Real Human Being to protect them from this industry.

We took our proven model with over 1,800 satisfied clients, and turned it into The Computer Exorcist Training. It's unfiltered, honest, and real. No fake corporate tiptoeing here.

This is the first and only residential IT certification in the world, and the only place you'll learn:

  • How to perform in-home tech support services - properly.
  • How to make a consumer's digital life simple, stable, consistent, maintenance-free, and virtually bulletproof.
  • How to make computers last many years longer than expected and save them from the landfill.
  • How to protect people from Fake WiFi, Cloud-Sucking Schemes, Rental Software Schemes, Update Attacks, Toolbars, Fake Cleaners, and other industry anti-services.
  • How to perform our exclusive Real Proper Backup, the only human-verifiable backup method.
  • Concepts decades beyond the leading IT certification. What you learn here isn't offered anywhere else.
  • How to explain things in Plain English instead of talking down to people.
  • Objective recommendations for ETHICAL and RELIABLE brands.
  • How to save people from monthly fees, and the constant issues their last guy couldn't solve.

You'll thrill your clients and leave all the jokers in the dust.


It's a win-win-win.

"The Teknosophy Computer Exorcist method is, in a word, phenomenal. Marc-Anthony is a wealth of knowledge and information, and his self-taught approaches, based on years of hands-on experiences, are incredibly effective. Whether you’re a novice with little extended experience in the field, or someone who has professionally trained skills, you will find Marc-Anthony’s training invaluable. Throughout the apprenticeship, he kept me entertained with his big personality and humor, and imparted loads of wisdom upon me. Having access to his knowledgebase, and himself as a resource, has been invaluable throughout the entire process. If you’re interested in becoming a Computer Exorcist, I would highly recommend him! You can't go wrong making a living protecting seniors."

-Drew Muscarella, Flour City Tech (The First Certified Computer Exorcist)




Free Tier

  • No prior IT experience required! We just need you to be comfortable with file management.
  • Grab my eBook "How to Protect Yourself from Your Computer" FREE for a limited time!
    It explains the concepts and scams of the industry in Plain English. You can also buy the paperback version here.
  • Listen to The Computer Exorcist Show - we discuss the dearth of ethics in the IT world.
  • Join our free online subreddit community: r/ComputerExorcists - You'll hear about examples where we save people tons of money, and get to talk with other Exorcists.
  • Like us on Facebook
  • The first Module Group is free! Available on our training site.

Certified Computer Exorcist

  • Start by grabbing a copy of "Why Software Sucks" on eBay - It explains how programmers don't feel like fixing fundamental issues so they just add more features instead. All makes sense now, doesn't it?
  • Computer Exorcist Training is split into modules so you can learn at your own budget and pace.
  • You can preview each training module's Table of Contents.
  • Purchase the modules here for only a hundred bucks each!
  • Start cleaning machines for friends and family and watch their amazement. Start a lean side business and watch it go viral. It's like Mary Kay for nerds!

Licensed Computer Exorcist

  • Teknosophy HQ is seeking to license technicians to represent us in every city.
  • We help you set up shop and make it as turn-key as possible. Take our winning method and run with it!
  • Contact HQ to schedule a no-obligation video chat: support at teknosophy dot com or 585 789 1856.