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Become a Computer Exorcist


The whole world is overwhelmed by technology, and we can teach you how to help people in your town.

Marc-Anthony Arena has encapsulated all of his technical knowledge into The Teknosophy Knowledgebase, so that he can teach other technicians how to go about remove people's frustrations with technology.


 If he had, chances are he would have been too specialized in programming or product support, and would not have been aware of the bigger picture: A lot of the problems in the industry are created by the companies themselves, not bad guys in basements. There's no end to the stupidity inflicted on the public by this slap-happy industry: Things like Update Attacks, forced Two-Factor authentication, and whole drive encryption. Oh, and every week, new stuff comes out.

Let's talk about why we're different, and why we have created the Teknosophy Licensed Computer Exorcist program.


Our typical residential client:

Intelligent, successful, feels intimidated and antagonized by computers and technology in general. Needs things to “JUST WORK" and is willing to pay for high-quality in-home service.


The typical “computer guy”:

The stereotypical computer technician fails to meet this need.

  • They can solve only a handful of problems, and they do so by referring to written procedure. They may not always think outside the box, are quick to fear or blame technologies alien to them, and don't always use a quick Web search when they encounter something new. They simply shrug their shoulders and return promptly to their home base.
  • They believe that PC issues are still caused by viruses, and that by scanning for them using off-the-shelf products, issues will be resolved. They have no concept of The 4 New Threats.
  • They aren't aware of what brands are unreliable and unethical. They are oftentimes paid "kickbacks" to promote products that are harmful or unneeded, just to fill a quota.
  • They believe the client is stupid, and is to blame for any issues. Yet, they expect the customer to become a mechanic, performing voodoo “scans” and dutifully running maintenance applications on their computers, as if they had nothing better to do.
  • This typical technician is full of myths, rumors, and legends. They tell clients that having too many programs, documents, or even photos on a computer slows the computer down. Of course in reality, only fake cleaners can slow you down.
  • Many or most have never heard of backup. They think you should just live in fear, and buy a new computer often in order to avoid a disaster.


Simplicity to Fight Complexity

In contrast to all that, our goal is maintenance-free, virus-free computing! We objectively recommend what brands are best for the client, and fix issues once and for all, creating a happy client who will tell all their friends.

We're different because we know the underlying concepts. This enables us to understand problems better, detect new ones more quickly, and solve issues for good.


Even if the technician can't find a particular issue in our Training Manuals, they should have a good “sense of smell” - to determine what's fishy technology, be it in downloads, new products, or when encountering a new issue. What makes us different from everyone else is our fundamental understanding of the core concepts (e.g. proper backup and brands) - so if you forget all the details, your knowledge of them places you ahead of the pack! Knowing the fundamental concepts, and knowing how to fiddle with and learn something yourself, rather than relying on an ever-changing instruction manual, sets you apart noticeably.


We make a consumer's digital life simple, stable, and consistent.

This is definitely closer than a doctor-patient relationship. Think about it. We see our doctors for half an hour every two years. A computer technician is in your house, yearly, sometimes for 2-3 hours, getting to know your usage needs, trusted with your crucial documents, finances, photos, and other data. Would you rather go to a big box store or do you want to use your guy who you've trusted for years? We pride ourselves on trustworthiness, loyalty, attention to detail, and personalized service.


We Protect People from the Industry

We bridge the world of technology and real people. Rather than talk down to them, we empathize with them and protect them from this predatory industry. We are on their side of the table. We specialize in bringing FOSS to the general public, which is always a win in terms of cost, safety, and liberty.

  • We defend consumers from manipulation by "dark patterns" and software rental schemes like the "365 scandal".

  • We help rescue people from a proprietary or otherwise inferior platform to enable them to move to another.

  • We disable nagging messages, because we believe your device belongs to you, not the other way around.

  • In an industry obsessed with centralized control, we put control back in the clients' hands.

  • We solve issues once and for all, so instead of milking the same people over and over again, they rave about us to all their friends.

  • We start out certifying technicians as "Level 4" because we believe the technician will learn more than most Level 3 IT support people in the corporate world.

The only thing proprietary about us is the fact that we liberate people from proprietary tech! The Teknosophy Licensee program enables technicians all around the world to protect people suffering with bad tech. There is no other certification like it. The A+ Certification, unbeknownst to the recruiters who check for it on resumes, is actually a pile of trivia from the DOS era! It says nothing of:

  • Modern, Post-Microsoft computing

  • Ethics

  • Holistic residential technology

  • Business/interpersonal skills


Why The Teknosophy Licensee Program is Revolutionary

People have asked him, "Why didn't you just create a program that cleans people's computers?" Because we protect people from the industry and we are very very personalized. You can't write a program to unpack a printer out of a box, set it up, and teach people how to use it.

However, he had to expand somehow. Instead of creating a large, ungainly corporation with locations everywhere, we chose to teach independent technicians our model.
The Teknosophy Method is a proven technical model. Whenever an issue comes up, Teknosophy HQ does the research to figure out how to defeat the challenge, and records the procedure in this Knowledge Base.


Small Tower” Organizational Plan

One of the coolest concepts is BBNY's Small Tower Method. We chose to decentralize ourselves, licensing to many independent businesses as opposed to having company-owned stores that were centrally controlled. This implies massive benefits for both Teknosophy, LLC and for you as a Licensed Computer Exorcist.

  • It means you're much more independent, and can make your own decisions based on what's right for you. Scheduling, hours, pricing, location, customer rapport, product/service offering, even invoicing, is all up to you based on your customers, market, comfort level, scope, and ability. This is ideal for many people who are single parents and need flexibility in their schedule, or simply perform better in an open canvas environment. Besides, you're an adult. You don't need your morale and motivation sucked out of you.

  • It means our company is more stable. Even if Heaven forbid Teknosophy, LLC is hit by lightning, we'll have many Licensees around the country/world who can spread the gospel of an organic/libertarian/digitally-vegan style of computing free from dread. While a large tower can fall, it's very unlikely that many small towers will fall!

  • It means we all avoid massive amounts of regulation. If we were a single large organization, we would be subject to massive HR compliance, payroll compliance, and liability restrictions.


Why should we train you as opposed to hiring you?

It's all about motivation. Rather than you be poked and pushed to go out and fix computers for our customers, you're independent. You're much more likely to be motivated, responsible, and enthused, and we're less liable. If you're a good smart responsible person whose talents are being underutilized in the corporate world, then you can become licensed and start your own business.

It eliminates corporate redtape, nothing unnecessary. It means we can be one group of small agile companies, not subject to the regulations, inertia, and centrality of one large one. Since it's all about the local relationship and local brand recognition, it allows the local licensee organization to develop their brand identity and be more flexible as a company.


Why the Teknosophy Method is a win-win-win

Our program is a win-win-win because it enables people looking for decent work the chance to make good money (as opposed to losing their shirt in a pyramid scheme).

We save clients money and stress by navigating the extremely chaotic and nefarious waters of the IT industry for them. We find a good medium between chaotic products and draconian ones - recommending the most ethical products possible.

 By recommending more ethical brands and warning people about abusive ones, you help improve the industry!

  • Make money and make your own hours

  • Provide superior tech support and recommendations

  • Help more ethical brands to thrive


For more information, contact Teknosophy HQ to find out our requirements. Appointment by referral only.