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Products We Recommend

  • Looking for a new desktop or laptop PC but don't know what to ask for? Call POD Computers and ask for the TEKNOSOPHY SPECIAL!
  • Looking to order a PC, laptop, router, or other accessories? Click HERE to order products we recommend.
  • Looking to buy a Streamplicity? Order one HERE.
  • Sick of robocalls on your landline? Check out our OYCCM call blocker.
  • Looking to buy Computer Exorcist hoodies, shirts, coffee mugs, etc.? Click HERE.


Products We DON'T Recommend

  • HP-  Most HP printers we see are dead in 6-12 months, and they send data back to their home office.
  • Samsung- Samsung phones come with unremovable bloatware. Their Smart TVs record everything you say in your house. There are many many other brands of phones and TVs that are safer.
  • Inkjets - All inkjet printers dry up, whether you use them rarely or often. Instead, laser printers never dry up. Laser toner cost around $10/year as opposed to $40/month for ink.
  • Combo Boxes - Wireless problems in your home? The WiFi antenna provided by your Internet utility has a guaranteed range of less than 10ft. Buy your own REAL router and you'll never have a problem again.
  • Linksys - These routers are twice the price and half the quality of anyone else, and have been known to record your behavior.
  • Smart Speakers - Products such as Alexa and Hey Google devices record everything you say in your home, and have no use or purpose.
  • Cloud-controlled gizmos - Some products, such as Google Home WiFi and Sonos devices are completely controlled by the factory. In the future, they will be deemed "too old" and you won't be allowed to turn them on anymore.