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Common Questions & Recommendations

I got a scary message/phonecall from someone claiming to be Amazon/Microsoft/etc.
  • Amazon and Microsoft don't care about you and would never call you.
  • As long as you don't talk to them, they can't do anything to you.
  • If you've let them break into your computer, shut it down immediately and call us for a disaster cleanup.
My computer or Internet stopped working!
  • Clients are required to reboot everything they own at least once per week and before calling us. Rebooting solves 90% of all issues!!!
My computer's slow! Why should I pay you when I could go buy a new one?
  • Because new computers come polluted with legalized spyware from the factory, and we know how to clean it! We also protect you from the OneDrive/iCloudDrive scandals, which suck your data out of your new machine without your knowledge. Finally, we transfer all your data from the old machine and make sure it's properly backed up!
Where do I buy a new Windows desktop PC?
  • If you're in Rochester, NY, call POD Computers at 585-244-2240 and ask for the Marc Special desktop. No need to know any specs. It is perfect for the average consumer and costs only $350. Advanced users can always specify upgrades.
  • If you're elsewhere, I recommend any new Dell tower from Newegg.
  • Before turning it on, call us to protect you from OneDrive.
  • As always, avoid HP, with liberty and justice for all.
I need a Windows laptop!
  • If you're in Rochester, NY, call POD Computers and ask for a Marc Special laptop.
  • If you're elsewhere, we recommend any Dell or Lenovo Laptop from Newegg, or any Asus or Acer laptop from Walmart.
  • Before turning it on, call us to protect you from OneDrive.
  • As always, avoid HP, forever and ever amen.
I heard about Mint!
  • Mint is an Operating System that replaces Microsoft Windows. It can be installed on your current machine or most new machines. It is virtually guaranteed to be bulletproof forever, so you'll never ever have to worry about cybersecurity ever again.
  • Call us to see if you qualify for bulletproofing with Mint. Most residential users qualify as long as they aren't using iTunes, 3d gaming, or business software.
  • If you have a spare computer in your closet that's less than 10 years old, chances are we can Mint it for you.
  • If you've talked to us and qualified for Mint, you can order from one of our recommended vendors and then we can set it up for you:
  • Computers Express - Affordable refurbed laptops preinstalled with Mint. Tell them you know us.
  • System76. They offer high-end, Microsoft-free laptops. Tell them we sent you.
  • Framework. Laptops that are designed to be repaired and upgraded - imagine that!
I want a Mac!
  • New Apple products are no longer repairable or upgradeable. Consider upgrading your older one, or switching to Windows or Mint.
  • If you must buy a new one, then don't turn it on until we set it up, so we can protect you from iCloud Drive.

 My Wifi doesn't work!

Should I get a router?

  • If your brother in law brought over a wireless repeater, return it immediately. A faucet can't fix a faulty water pipe.
  • If you have a freestanding house less than 2500 sq ft, then get the TP-Link TL-WR841N from Newegg.
  • If you have an apartment, or a larger house, then get the TP-Link Archer A5 router from Newegg.
  • We can also sell you the proper router. During install, we'll protect you from your cable company's fake wifi and hidden charges.
  • If you enjoy paying extra for an unreliable router, grab a Linksys from your local Big Box Sales Bro.
  • If you enjoy paying a premium for spotty wifi, then grab a repeater or a "smart home wifi mesh pod".
 I need a color printer!
  • These are the brands we like, in order:
  • Brother
  • Canon
  • Epson
  • Inkjet is more affordable, but laser is more reliable and cheaper over the long run.
  • Always buy the ink/toner from third-party sellers online. You'll save 90%.
  • If you enjoy unreliable printers that spy on you, check out HP.
 I need a black&white printer!
  • Has to be laser. Brother is my favorite. Avoid HP like the plague.
  • If you're elsewhere, buy any Brother Laser from NewEgg, such as this or this.
  • If you're in Rochester, get a black or color laser from:
  • American Print Manage-IT - Laser printer/copier sales & repairs - for offices


I need a company website!
  • For tiny businesses, we recommend Starnova, LLC to small business clients looking for web hosting and proper email services with stellar customer support.
  • 315-582-4000 or

    James Starowitz, President of Starnova, has immersed himself in computer and Internet technology for over 20 years. He has developed business automation systems in nearly every programming language and operating system one can think of. James operates a web site and email hosting company that focuses on saving small business from the excessive overselling that occurs in the hosting market place.

  • For medium-sized businessers, we recommend BlueTie. 585-586-2000 or
 I want a Smart TV!
  • No you don't. Smart TVs spy on you.
  • Instead, beginners should buy a Roku Express or Roku SE. (Avoid the more expensive Rokus; they have unreliable remotes.)
  • Advanced users can check out our Streamplicity box, available at
 I need a smartphone!
  • If you enjoy paying $1000 for a phone that slows itself down after every update attack, get an Apple.
  • If you enjoy unremovable factory spyware, grab a Samsung.
  • Seriously people, stop buying Samsung. There are thousands of brands of phones out there, all of which are better.
  • Marc uses a 5 year old LG phone that retailed for $160. He doesn't have problems.
  • If you have Verizon, call us to discuss all of the other brands that are half the price.
 I'm sick of robocalls on my landline!
  •  Ask your local Computer Exorcist to install our OYCCM call blocker and you'll never have a robocall ever again.
 My kids bought me this Alexa thing!
  • If you enjoy having Amazon record everything you say in your home, we'll gladly set it up for you!
Help! My hard drive died and I never backed it up!
  • 99% of people have no data backup, or thought they had one but it turned out to be useless. Unfortunately many people wait until there's a disaster to call us. In these cases, we can send a physically damaged hard drive to a recovery specialist. Our preferred recovery specialist is iRepair Buffalo. They're usually a fraction of the cost of the cleanroom competition. They also repair cracked smartphone and tablet screens! Be sure to mention Teknosophy when you call!

  • iRepair Buffalo
    (716) 276-3219
Help! I went swimming with my iPhone and my photos weren't backed up!
  •  DriveSavers - Recovery of physically damaged hard drives

    (800) 440-1904 use referral code DS38510

  • DriveSavers prides itself on being able to recover more than the average service. They can even help you recover data from iPhones and other Apple products, which are designed to make it difficult for you to recover your data.

My small business has an ancient database system!
  • We recommend CoveyCS for Custom Business Databases or 315-738-6016

  • Does your small business database use 1990s technology? CoveyCS focuses on modernizing business databases using cutting-edge technology. Tell them Teknosophy sent you!

 I need automatic cloud backup!
  • We recommend iDrive - Automatic Cloud Backup that's better than the rest

    iDrive backs up your computer files for you, storing them securely on their cloud drive. So if you're one of those folks who updates your files constantly, you won't have to worry about performing a local backup every day. In our experience, if a client has a disaster, iDrive has come through for us much better than the well-known brands.

    • Rather than charge per machine, they charge per TB, so you could backup (or synchronize) several machines on one account!
    • They also offer free accounts if you need less than 5GB.
I was told I need a VPN!
  • We will gladly charge you our hourly rates to install a VPN, as long as you acknowledge the following:

    • VPNs are a good thing, but are wholly unsuitable for consumers. They fail to protect you from most things, such as Google History spyware.
    • VPNs are pushed desperately by the likes of Norton and Verizon, who hope that you don't realize you're already secure on public WiFi, thanks to HTTPS.
    • Having a VPN means that you won't be able to connect to many or most websites. When you notice this, we'll gladly charge you our hourly rates to remove it.

    Yes, that's all the rage lately. People wantonly start throwing around recommendations to install Chrome. Here's what you need to know:

        • Most web designers are clueless, and don't understand how to design sites that are universal. At least nobody's recommending Internet Explorer anymore.
        • Chrome is safe from bad guys, but sucks all your history in and gives it to The Bad Guy, which is Google. If you absolutely must use Chrome, then use its cousins Chromium or Brave, which respect you.
        • Chances are, though, you just need to update your Firefox and you'll be all set.

  • I could make a killing going into companies and saving them tons of money and heartache. But unfortunately, most of the time those companies are ruled by bearded tyrants who won't get off the fear-as-a-service℠ gravy train!
  • However, if you're ready to fire your IT guy and start enjoying stability and security, sure!