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Overwhelmed by your computer? Here's how we solve it.

At Teknosophy, we recommend reliable products and secure services to minimize costs and achieve peace of mind.


So if you're a residential or home office client who is sick of being talked down to by "computer geeks", or tired of running virus scans to no avail, look no further. We simplify and solidify your in-home IT life so you can do what you do best.


We offer Luxury in Simplicity℠ - Our radical approach is to make your technology fast, simple, maintenance-free, and interruption-free once and for all.


Core Corporate Values

  • Total honesty: Rather than make you into a subscriber, we'd rather fix it once right, and make you so happy you tell all your friends!
  • High integrity: We respect your privacy and your data. We implement proper backups as opposed to the often-unreadable automated backup drives.
  • Professional approach: We dress professionally, and always call to confirm that you're ready when we're on our way.
  • Customer respect: We won't talk down to you or sell you overkill services. We enlighten and empower you with simple explanations.
  • Relationship driven: We are more than “computer guys”; we are your personal technology consultants, and we'll get to know what you actually need.
  • Unbiased recommendations: Since we are fully independent, we can give you the honest truth about products, and protect you from abusive services and scams.

Why our visit pays for itself

  • We blow away your expectations: We can make your 5 year, 1 year, or even 1 day old PC twice as fast as new.
  • We come to you: We offer comprehensive in-home services, ensuring your computers, tablets, smarphones, Internet connection, wireless router, printers, and even televisions are working reliably.
  • Effective repair & servicing of computer equipment: We have decades of training and have deep troubleshooting skills. No shooting in the dark here!
  • Simplifying the use of technology into a more organic experience: We protect you from update attacks, notifications, and clutter so you can get your work done.
  • Less hassle: In-home services means you don't have to lug your PC somewhere and leave it there for a week!
  • Save time: Systems cleaned by us are maintenance-free. We don't want to make you into a mechanic.
  • We're thorough and pay attention to detail: Our services include proper email, which means perfectly synchronized among your devices and not scattered across them.
  • Save money: We'll make sure you're not overspending on things like ink cartridges and software products. Plus, the computers in our Amazon store are usually much cheaper than those you'd find elsewhere.
  • We make your mobile life more stable: We make sure your email is properly synchronized between your desktop and your portable devices, and we ensure Proper Backup methods are used, so you're disaster-proof!

Why we're revolutionary

We are the only computer business in town that has identified and can combat The Three New Threats:

  • Toolbars, fake cleaners, and other corporate malware
  • Update attacks
  • Hostageware & Support Scam Calls

We are also the only shop in town to offer the maintenance-free MINT operating system, for those seeking extreme reliability, simplicity, and security!