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Who We Are

Teknosophy Company History

It began as a side gig to help friends and family in 2009, and became an LLC in 2011.

 Unlike our competitors, our aim is not to talk down to you, or fix the same things over and over. Our radical approach is to fix problems once and for all, keeping your technology maintenance-free and interruption-free. Once people realized they just didn't have problems anymore, they told all their friends and it went exponential.

Teknosophy has satisfied thousands of clients by simplifying their digital lives once and for all. We strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

We believe the entire world is comprised of intelligent people who are just overwhelmed by technology. It turns out, most "computer guys" talk down to their clients, use outdated methods, or simply don't show up.

So, in 2022, we launched the Computer Exorcist Training Modules and Certification. We teach people how to fight the constant break-fix model, fix things once and for all, and become a responsible business owner. Check it out here.



Marc-Anthony ArenaMarc-Anthony Arena

Marc-Anthony Arena - President

Marc-Anthony Arena is founder and President of Teknosophy. He's an honors graduate of both McQuaid Jesuit and RIT's Saunders College of Business, learning Entrepreneurship, Spanish, and Russian. He has extensive Windows, Mac, Mint, and electronics experience, and a natural intuition for diagnosing complex computer issues.  When he's not simplifying people's digital lives, he's on a road trip looking for good seafood.




"My girlfriend is an expert at ruining computers, and I used to have to repair her computer all the time. Since you looked at it around 3 years ago, we haven't needed you since!"
Bob W., Fairport


Marc provides a rare and invaluable service to anyone who is intimidated by technology, particularly those of us who own businesses and work from home.  As a solo entrepreneur who relies heavily on technology to run and grow my business, I had always felt like I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That left me easy prey to random, shoot in the dark tech-support. I received fragmented services that never really addressed the whole of my needs... until I hired Marc. He troubleshot my technology and my business needs in a comprehensive way which has empowered me to up level my online efficiency and my virtual presence, both crucial to my bottom line. Marc is genuine, brilliant, caring, generous and attentive to every detail! He is a huge cut above in every way (and I have worked with multiple tech experts).  You will serve yourself and your business extremely well by hiring Marc or one of his associates.

Michelle Atlas - Michelle Atlas Coaching


I would like to let you know how pleased I was with your presentation to the Rochester Genealogical Society last week...  You are a very engaging speaker who clearly knows what he is talking about.  My brain was dusted off by your presentation.  You took complex knowledge and made it make so much sense.  The attendees were all likewise moved by your words...

Claire P. -Rochester Genealogical Society


Marc is beyond knowledgeable in fixing all computer issues. I have been the victim of multiple Microsoft Update attacks and have had issues with computer start-up and audio playback...just to name a few. Within minutes, Marc has always been able to fix it and put my mind at ease! It's very rare that you find a computer person who actually knows what they are doing and you can actually trust!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gianna G. - Southington, CT

I am thrilled with my system and can not thank both of you enough for the time, expertise, and value.  Yesterday was my first day working from home and I am happy to report the system did a great job allowing me to function as though I was in the office.  The system is perfect and fits all of my needs.  Not only did I spend less money using your services than I would have going to a traditional "Big Box' store, I also saved myself time and frustration that I am certain would have resulted had I tried to set this up on my own.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!   I will most definitely refer you to anyone looking for assistance with their computer. Much appreciation and gratitude,
Michelle -
Irondequoit, NY

The first time I met Marc was the result of a family recommendation and also listening to his radio show on WYSL.  Could it really be true that his way of "fixing" my slow as a turtle computer would really work?  He cleaned up everything on my 2 computers and instructed me on what to do and what not to do with updates.  That was 3 1/2 years ago!  It's true.  Marc's way is the only way. My computers now run like lightning.  I am a firm believer of his philosophy of computer technology, which is Teknosophy!
Janet H. - Henrietta, NY


“Everything you said is right on the money and I have come to dislike Microsoft and I am hooked on Mint, the set up that you put on my desktop. It's wonderful! I can't say enough about it. I don't know why the rest of the world doesn't do it this way?"

Mary Ann E., Penfield, NY


 Teknosophy has been our IT vendor of choice for 1 year. They have consistently provided excellent service to our company through prompt and courteous service.

Marc-Anthony Arena is always responsive to our needs and eager to manage our projects. Marc-Anthony is a proven problem solver, having brought resolution to a number of complicated issues we have experienced.

 Teknosophy has provided us with extremely professional service. On several occasions, Teknosophy has been there during weekend hours to solve our problems. For this we are extremely thankful. We have strong confidence in the ability of Teknosophy staff to handle our hardware needs. We highly recommend Teknosophy to anyone who may require their services.

Sincerely, John M, Pittsford

When I think, say, or hear the word integrity I think Marc-Anthony Arena. I've worked with Marc both personally and professionally and I have yet to find anyone with better work ethic. Technology is a big part of both our lives but Marc really thrives on it. Marc's integrity and honesty is extremely uncommon in today's technology market place. Marc will give you an honest assessment rather than trying to have you buy a new product.
Joshua Goldman - Security Analyst

In short there is no one's opinion I would trust more when it comes to my computer than Marc Arena. He has always been a very straightforward, kind, very amusing friend. In regards to business, Marc's knowledge of what we as the consumer really want our computers to do is undisputedly exceptional. Imagine being able to tell your computer what you wanted it to do and it did it. Well, Marc found a way to do just that. In addition, when he says I will make your computer run faster than it did brand new, he's dead on. He took my old Toshiba (Read Marc's blog post about "which laptop should I buy" and you will realize where my first issue started.) and basically reprogramed it to be used exactly how I wanted it to. I HIGHLY recommend Marc not just for making your computer run faster but to increase the security of your personal information. Marc will be the only person working on my computers from here on out.
Patrick M., Fairport

Being a former business owner, I know the importance of quality service and excellent customer service. I have had the wonderful experience of being served by Marc-Anthony Arena on several occasions.

For us, using computers can be somewhat frustrating at times, but having an expert like Marc assisting in the process is extremely valuable. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows firsthand how to communicate with customers. In a crisis, he is a good man to have on the team.
Conwell Hooper - American Senior Alliance


"How would people know how to do all this stuff without you?"
Donna G. - Fairport, NY